Terms of sale

A necessary premise

Dear visitors, we not ask you to trust blindly to us but to give us your trust based on what you will find posted in this page and following consideration of that for us is a rule of life.

Our work is, first of all, a passion that united with respect for others has enabled us to win the esteem of thousands of customers and their sincere satisfaction.

Sincerely, Piergiorgio Bertoni
General Director Wonderup Sagl

Naturdieta thought and our guarantees

The online sale is equivalent to selling. The law requires those who exercise this activity to give the consumer some guarantees, mainly concentrated in the right of withdrawal.
Naturdieta decided to overcome legally the law that states the following.

1. The customer can change his mind within 10 days from date of order. For Naturdieta the customer can change his mind when he wants.

2. The Client that changes his mind must notify (at his own expense) by letter AR to the supplier. For Naturdieta the Client may communicate that he changed his mind as he prefers, including by phone, rather than by fax, or e-mail.

3. The Client must return the goods to the supplier at his expenses. For Naturdieta the customer must not do anything because is Naturdieta that recover the goods at his expenses.

4. If the customer is not satisfied with the product must demonstrate that there is a manufacturing defect. For Naturdieta if the Customer is not satisfied with the product, tells Naturdieta which shall replace it with another of equal or greater value, or refund the full amount.

5. The customer must provide to return the defective goods, or refused original sealed container. For Naturdieta the customer does not have to return anything. Naturdieta will collect the goods (including open and / or used) only if it is necessary to examine for the presence of any manufacturing defects and required to correct as soon as possible.


Ultimately, the moral law is this: trust is good not to trust is better. The customer must be enabled to do no harm.

For Naturdieta the moral instead is this: life is better trusting of others. The Naturdieta Client is demanding but fair: he trust Naturdieta as we trust him. All that remains is to test us :-)